Are Dog Parks Safe?

Dog parks are one of the most dangerous places you can bring your puppy or adult dog. We regularly deal with dog aggression, dog fear, and dog anxiety at our Providence, Rhode Island location, and many of these clients have the same thing in common: they regularly brought their dog to a dog park. How … Read more

Picking and Training the Perfect Dog in Providence Rhode Island

Every day, we do puppy training at our Providence, Rhode Island location. We are constantly working on crate training, housebreaking, name recognition, shaping commands, and a host of other behaviors we want our new puppies to understand. Unfortunately and all too often, clients come to us because they’re having problems they never anticipated being an … Read more

Can Dog Aggression be Fixed in Providence, RI?

We do dog aggression training regularly in Providence, Rhode Island, but before the client signs up, we always get asked, “Will my dog be like this forever?” The short answer is “There’s no way to know for sure.” It’s likely that your dog’s aggression is either manageable or fixable, but guarantees don’t exist in the dog … Read more

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